21 Oct

Again, the PRI-PAN (PRIAN) steamroller exercised its power to approve, at dawn yesterday, the Revenue Act of 2011, which are expected to deliver 3 billion 895.9 million 438 thousand pesos and a bag of 60 billion to reallocate.

The package keeps tax privileges for big contributors and leaves 16 percent the rate of value added tax (IVA), once the PRI sealed his place back with the almost unanimous vote from the bench.

The only voice that broke the line that the PRI ordered his deputies was that of Pedro Avila Nevarez, who failed in his party: “Today we betray the people who gave us their vote, a village now lost in ignominy. And we giving more money to the PAN!, a party that is leading the country into bankruptcy and despair, rising taxes, fuel and electricity. ” In the contested seats nobody PRI.

Avila Nevárez PRI militants defended his stance and criticized the PRI: “All my life I gave my support to my party. But this time, with much pain and sadness, I shall vote against it, because we promised to lower IVA and no we did. “

At a meeting of more than seven hours, most of the early morning PRIAN endorsed the tax package next year without accepting any changes to the dictates of the Finance Committee, which processed with the framework imposed by the PRI governors in accordance with the Ministry of Finance.

Also at podium, Victor Manuel Castro Cosio (PRD) questioned whether the Chamber of Deputies only process a cupular under which “weave in the back offices of finance and the legislature.

“He won back to this House the interest of those who dictate the country’s economic policy, of maintaining the fiscal privileges and maintain an economic model that has only brought more poverty and misery,” he said.

Castro Cosio regretted that the session only to validate the opinion of the commission, which only met to receive and process the draft prepared by the Finance Ministry. 

“It’s a shame that this committee will meet one day a year to bring us a document that nobody has read and voted on by watchword,” he explained.`

Deputy Héctor Pablo Ramírez Leyva, who for two weeks said he would resign at the bank of the PRI if it broke the agreement of the meeting held in Ixtapan de la Sal and IVA stood at 16 percent, explained why he will stay in the tricolor.

Former Oaxaca government spokesman said that charge was not reduced, “because that is in the interest of many people and states,” but that he would vote against. After his own colleagues explained that if the group is separated by statute was expelled from the PRI, backed down and announced he will stay “as a critical voice.” 

Rep. Jaime Cárdenas Gracia (PT) criticized that the negotiation to define and income taxes next year will take place outside the walls of the Palacio Legislativo de San Lázaro.

“It’s bad that the decisions of this House have not been taken in this room, but the governors have agreed with the Chief Executive, becoming them in the real camera, which loses one of its fundamental responsibilities,” noted . 

Moreover, he added, the House does not accept its character as representative of the people, as no warning to citizens in 2011 will continue the increases in prices of petrol, diesel and electricity. “It is a paradox that serve the poor tax to pay for the wealth of the powerful,” he argued.

Grace Cardenas noted that although the Revenue Act will force the Treasury to provide detailed reports on the amount of so-called tax expenditures, which for 2011 will exceed 450 billion dollars, that does not allow an effective control on who benefits .

Before the full the chambers approved an amendment to the Law on Income Tax (ISR) to exempt from this tax contributions, up to 2 million pesos per donor, are made to support theatrical productions .

The chairman of the Committee on Culture, Kenya Lopez (PAN), said that it seeks to equate the support given to film production, which allowed to move from seven to 70 films a year. 

Lawmakers also endorsed an amendment to provide tax incentives to companies that create new jobs and keep workers employed under this scheme at least 18 months.

Rep. Armando Rios Piter said that this incentive will begin to address the generation of sufficient jobs and prevent millions of young people opt for the informal “or, worse, not only to emigrate to America, but part of the statistical killed “in the war against organized crime.


México, is not a democracy. Vote, not means to be a democratic country. In México, the citizen has a vote, but no voice. Citizens do not have anyone to represent us, the political class works for their own interests, group interests ,or interests of political parties. Voting in some cases are fraudulent.

Today and for the past 3 years,we are fighting a war crime that nobody asked for and we know it is a war that is unwinnable.

We already have almost 30,000 deaths, most of them are civilians, many of them are children; Who are responsible for these deaths?

Why we’re fighting a war among Mexican middle of our cities and towns? Why endanger our families?  Some spokesmen commented that this war could last decades,which is unacceptable.

While there is poverty, unemployment, impunity, corruption, inequality in our country, people seek ways to bring your family to eat, though not in the best ways.

Source:Periódico La Jornada
Jueves 21 de octubre de 2010, p. 10


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