8 May

Javier Sicilia

We arrived on foot, as did the ancient Mexicans, to this place where they for the first time beheld the lake, eagle, snake, cactus and stone, the emblem that founded the nation and has accompanied the peoples of Mexico over the centuries. We come to this corner where he once lived in Tenochtitlan, to this corner where the state and church are built on the foundations of a past rich in lessons and where the roads meet and diverge, “we have come here to make visible again the roots of our nation, for their nudity, which accompany the nakedness of the word, which is silence, and the painful nakedness of our dead, to help us light the way.

 If we walked and we came so quietly, it is because our pain is so big and so deep, and the horror of coming so immense that words no longer have what to say. It’s also because through that silence we say and we say to those responsible for the security of this country, we do not want one more death because of the growing confusion that seeks only to asphyxiate, and choked the breath and life  of my son Juan Francisco, Luis Antonio, Julio Cesar, Gabo, Maria del Socorro, the commander Jaime and many thousands of men, women, children and elderly killed with contempt and meanness that belong to worlds that are or will never be ours, we are here to tell us and tell them the pain of the soul in the bodies do not turn into hate and more violence, but a lever to help us restore the love, peace, justice, stammering dignity and democracy that we are losing, to tell us and tell them that we still believe that the nation can be reborn again and out of its ruins, to show the lords of death that we are standing and did not relent in defending lives of all sons and daughters of this country who still believe it is possible to rescue and rebuild the social fabric of our towns, neighborhoods and cities.

If we do not this, we can only pass on to our boys, our girls and our children a house full of helplessness, fear, laziness, cynicism, brutality and deception, where reign the lords of death, ambition, excessive power and complacency and complicity to the crime.

Every day we hear horror stories that hurt us and make ask us : When and where we lost our dignity? The misgivings are interspersed over time to warn us that this house is habited by the horror, is not the home of our parents, but it is,is not the Mexico of our teachers, but it is, is not that of those who offered the best of their lives to build a more just and democratic, but it is, this house where the horror lives, is not the Mexico of Salvador Nava, Heberto Castillo, Manuel Clouthier, men and women of the mountains South-of Mayan indigenous peoples enshrine his word to the nation, and so many others have reminded us of dignity, but it is, is not the house of men and women who rise every morning to go to work and honestly support themselves and their families, but it is, is not of poets, musicians, painters, dancers, of all the artists that reveal the human heart and move us and unite us but it is. Our Mexico, our home is surrounded by greatness, but also cracks and abysses which expand by neglect, complacency and complicity have led us to this dreadful desolation.

Are those cracks, those wounds open, not the greatness of our house, which also forced us to walk up here, weaving our silence with our pain, to tell them straight in the face they have to learn to look and listen, which should name all our dead, to those that evil crime has killed in three ways: by depriving them of life, criminalizing them and burying them in mass graves in an ominous silence that is not ours, to tell you that with our presence we naming this infamous reality you, the political class, the so-called powers that be and his sinister monopolies, hierarchies of economic and religious powers, governments and police forces have denied it and want to continue to deny. A reality that criminals, in his madness, allies seek to impose their omissions, they hold some form of power.

We wish to state here that no longer accept an election before political parties do not clean its ranks of those who, masked in the law, are in collusion with crime and are tied to the state and co-opted to use the tools it hopes to erode them exchange of citizens. Or where were the parties, mayors, governors, federal officials, army, navy, churches, conferences, business, where we were when the roads and all roads leading to Tamaulipas became death traps for defenseless men and women, for our migrant brothers in Central America?

Why our authorities and the parties have agreed that in Morelos and in many Mexican states governors publicly identified as accomplices of organized crime remain unpunished and continue on party lines and sometimes in government jobs?

Why let Members of Congress organized to hide a fugitive from justice, accused of having ties to organized crime and put him to the site that should be the most honorable of the country because it resides plural representation of people and ended up giving him immunity and then accepting their shameful criminal reality in two sketches?

Why is it allowed President of the Republic and why he decided to throw the army into the streets in a senseless war that has cost us 40 000 victims and left millions of Mexicans fear and uncertainty?

Why is it tried to pass, behind the public, a security law that requires now more than ever a wide reflection, discussion and consensus citizen?

The National Security Act can not be reduced to a military matter. Taken as is and will always be an absurdity. Citizenship does not have to keep paying the cost of inertia and inaction of Congress and their blackmail times become banal administrative and political calculation.

 Why alienate your vision parties, prevent and block political reform legal instruments that allow citizens to a dignified and efficient representation to control all forms of abuse?

Which is the reason that is not included the revocation of the mandate and plebiscite?

 These cases, there are hundreds of the same or greater severity, make it clear that political parties, the PAN, the PRI, PRD, PT, Convergence, New Covenant, the Beehive, Green, have become a party-emanate from whose ranks the nation’s leaders. In all there are links with crime and gangs along and across the nation. Without an honorable cleaning its ranks and a total commitment to ethics policy, citizens will have to ask at the next election why cartel and why we will have real power to vote? Did not realize that this is piercing and humiliating the most sacred of our republican institutions, which are destroying the will of the people that brought harm than good where are today?

Political parties undermine our republican institutions, rendering them vulnerable to organized crime and submissive to the big monopolies, make a modus vivendi impunity and make the citizens hostage to the violence.

With the advance of the underworld linked to drug trafficking, the Executive assumed, along with most of the so-called political class, there are only two ways to deal with this threat: administering it illegally as it used to be and is done in many places and making the war with the army on the streets as it is today. It ignores the fact that the drug is a historical phenomenon that decontextualized the religious world he served, and now before the market and its consumption, should and must be treated as a problem of urban sociology and public health, and not as a criminal matter to be confronted with violence. This adds further suffering to a society which celebrates the success, money and power as absolute assumptions that must be conquered by any means and at any price.

This climate has been fertile ground for crime that has become flat charges, kidnapping, robbery, human trafficking and complex enterprises for the absurd crime and appropriate economic model to always have more at the expense of everyone.

To this, already terrible, U.S. policy is added. Its market millionaire drug use, its banks and money launderers, with the complicity of our own, and industry-more lethal weapons, by forceful and expansive, that drugs “, whose weapons come to our land, not only strengthen the growth of criminal groups but also provide a huge capacity of death. The United States has designed a security policy whose logic depends mainly on its global interests where Mexico has been caught.

How to restructure this reality that has put us in a state of national emergency? It is a challenge rather than complex. But Mexico can not continue simplifying and less allow this to deepen further its internal divisions and we do almost inaudible fracture to the beat of our hearts that is the heartbeat of the nation. That’s why I say it is urgent that citizens, governments of the three orders, political parties, peasants, workers, Indians, scholars, intellectuals, artists, churches, businesses, civic organizations, make a covenant,  a fundamental commitment to peace with justice and dignity, that allows the nation to rebuild their land, a pact that we recognize and accept our various responsibilities, a pact that would allow our boys, our girls and our children back their present and future, to stop being the victims of this war or the reserve army of crime.

It is therefore necessary that all governments and political forces of this country realize they are losing the representation of the nation that emanates from the people,  citizens as we are gathered today in the socket of the City Mexico and in other cities.

If they do, and insist on his blindness, not only the institutions will be empty of meaning and dignity, but the 2012 election will be to shame and a disgrace that will make deep pits where, as in Tamaulipas and Durango, are burying the country’s life.

We are therefore at a crossroads with no easy out, because the soil in which a nation flourishes and the tissue in which his soul is expressed are undone. For this reason, the pact that convened after collecting many proposals of civil society, and read at a time when Olga Reyes, who has suffered the murder of 6 family, is a pact that contains six key points that will enable civil society timely monitor compliance and, in the case of treason, punish those responsible for these betrayals, a pact signed in the center of Ciudad Juarez, the most visible face of national destruction, in the face to the names of our dead and filled with a deep sense of what it means peace with dignity.

Before it known, make a more than 5 minutes silence in memory of our dead, surrounded by society and a state crime ignored, and as a sign of unity and dignity of our hearts that calls everyone to refound the nation.

Let us do so because the silence is the place where it collects and flows real word, is the profound depth of meaning, is what unites us in middle of our pain, in this common ground that no one inside and owns and that if we listen, the word can be born that will allow us to say again with dignity and a just peace the name of our home: Mexico.

PD: Sicilia, demanded the resignation of Secretary of Public Safety: Genaro Garcia Luna, but fell short, at least 4 more of the presidential cabinet members should resign :Ministry de Finance :Ernesto Cordero, Labor Secretary: Javier Lozano, Goverment Secretary: Francisco Blake Mora and Secretary of Education: Alonso Lujambio.

Source: milenio.com



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