17 May

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) suggested that Mexico eliminate subsidies that used to pay for the consumption of gasoline, diesel, electricity and liquefied petroleum gas.

“The energy subsidies are inefficient as a mechanism to reduce poverty, and that much is absorbed by higher income groups, ” he said the international body in the report of the OECD Economic Studies in Mexico.

And I ask myself :  In this country, who thinks the subsidies are to eliminate poverty?     The answer is: NOBODY.

What happens in this unfortunate country, is that for some obscure reasons, prices of production of services and items, are higher than they should be, even higher than in other more developed countries. That is the reason that subsidies are applied, which is nothing more than the same money from people, applied for their benefit.

What mexican authorities should do, is to reduce bureaucracy, reduce privileges for workers in government enterprises, increase business efficiency, modernize facilities, reduce wages, benefits and privileges of government employees, hiring the right people for the job , increase the tax base, removing privileges to large enterprises, make them pay what they consume efficiently spend taxpayer money, require short-term results to public officials, reduce the number of deputies and senators, they are completely unnecessary There are many ways to reduce the enormous expense of the government apparatus to make efficient use of taxpayer money for their benefit.
Also the respective authorities should be working for many years in alternative sources of energy like geothermal, solar  wind and electric, but they do not know even what they mean.

These are the recommendations that the OECD should be made to the authorities in Mexico, but only focuses on continuing to harm the vast majority of the people and protect the great capital.

Instead of following fucking people, wealth and the money generated by the people, must return to them in public works, services, cheap energy and reasonably priced for food and medicines.

The OECD can go fuck themselves with their policies continue to make the people poorer and fatter businessmen and politicians.

According to the OECD Mexico is growing, but to where?
And those who are benefiting from that growth?  because the common people, not reflected in your pocket, this growth.

So in Mexico, we are not interested in the graphics, or indicators, but concrete results for all people and all the country.



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