27 Jun


Mexican immigrants were planted on Wednesday outside the UN headquarters with photographs of children who died in the ABC Child Care of Hermosillo, to protest the award that the UN has awarded the Mexican government to create childcare facilities

The protesters said they were acting in support of the motion on June 5, driven by those affected by the nursery fire that suffered the June 5, 2009. Forty-nine children were killed and over 70 injured in the tragedy.

Parents of small and activists have for years been blaming the government ignored the problem of childcare that do not meet minimum safety standards.

Immigrants scored on Wednesday of “inconsistency” that UN reward the government of President Felipe Calderon for his help in day-care system.

On Monday, Mexico received four awards from the UN Public Service, including one to support working mothers through the creation, between 2007 and 2011, 9,049 kindergartens throughout the country.

“Parents have lost all hope that justice is done in this administration and when they discover that the United Nations organization is dishonoring the memory of their children this way, without consulting experts in the field in Mexico … very strong bonding them to the parents, “said Daniel Gershenson, June 5 motion, and who traveled from Mexico to New York to lead the protest.

Protesters carried signs reading “UN premies no to impunity” and “Unite. Your children and grandchildren will thank you.”
Alberto Flores, an immigrant of 27 years born in Puebla, said he wanted to participate in the demonstration that attention be given to parents of children who died.

 “These parents are working class, if they were rich none of this had happened,” said Flores, who works in the construction sector.

Ultreras Pedro, a Mexican who just released the documentary “ABC Never Again” in Mexico, also participated in the protest.

Eduardo del Buey, deputy spokesman of the UN Secretary General, said on Wednesday that the award was given to an initiative called “Program of childcare for working mothers” that has so far benefited 270 thousand children.

The program is supported by the Ministry of Social Development.
“Studies conducted by the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences indicated that 85% of mothers and fathers who will benefit from the program believe their economic situation has improved,” said Del Buey in a statement.

The deputy spokesman also noted that there is some confusion because the initiative under which ran the ABC Nursery is called “Community Neighborhood Day Care.”

“This is another program that has not been awarded by the United Nations,” said del Buey.

In 2011, Calderón signed a decree increasing the regulation of child care. The president said the new rules do not allow the establishment of nurseries within 50 meters (yards) of any business or facility to present risks of fire or otherwise.

The ABC nursery fire started in a warehouse adjacent to the state government.

Protesters said Wednesday he has sent the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the UN and UNICEF representatives a letter urging the UN to withdraw the award.

Gershenson said he has requested a meeting between UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon, and parents of children who died in the fire.

“We expect at least be given the opportunity for parents of concern and confusion externarles because winning this award,” said the activist. “Parents do not want to talk to any subordinate, want to talk to Ban-Ki Moon” .

In memory of the dead children of ABC Nursery:


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