12 Sep

After December 1, once delivered the presidential sash to PRI Enrique Peña Nieto, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa will earn a salary of about 215,000 pesos monthly as a former president, an estimated of 16,540.00 dollars .

 Also, will have available: 45 elements of the Army (one general, four heads of troops, eight officers and 32 members of troops) and 22 elements of the Navy (two admirals, four officers and 16 members of Troop) for safety and the family.

 Calderon already anticipated to the group of reporters who accompanied him to his tour of Russia, not reject the annuity that the State gives exmandatarios, so their management to conclude on 1 December next, charged his full salary of approximately 16,540.00 dollars monthly.

 Based on the two regulations for the granting of pensions and benefits for former presidents-one approved in 1976 and another in 1978 -, Calderon will enjoy an annual bonus of 43,000 pesos,( 3300.00 dollars)  a life insurance 8 million pesos (614,656.00 dollars)  and insurance major medical expenses for himself and his family up to 390 thousand 600 pesos (30,000 dollars).

 No country has a generous system, this does not happen in any country in Latin America, only in México.

 In the last four presidents, Ernesto Zedillo is the only one who refused to receive annuity payments.

But that’s not all. Calderon, who intends to engage in the academy at the end of his constitutional term-has a formal offer from the University of Texas, will be well protected, along with his family.  Anyone know which course will teach at the University of Texas?

 Apart from staff of the Army and Navy, Calderon will be in service to 23 administrative employees, all from the treasury.The federal government used to pay pensions, bodyguards and support staff of former presidents just over 209 million pesos.

 Mexicans do not want that kind of privileges for former presidents and politicians, but people do not know, or do not want to fight to change the economic and political model that the country has had for decades. These benefits for former presidents do not correspond to a country where there are in poverty and lawlessness  almost 50% of the population.

  We want few good leaders who fight for the benefit of Mexicans. If people migrate to the United States  is by the same unjust system that generates poverty and inequality. Partner countries of Mexico, need to pressure their politicians to change his mind and his policies for the benefit of most people, before doing business.

 Our partners and friends should tell the politicians in power: Or take advantages to your country and its people, or no business, that would be a fair deal.



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