17 Sep



The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) placed the currency in circulation today the “Bicentennial” one kilogram gold commemorative Bicentennial of National Independence Movement.

 The central bank reported that this coin, with a face value of 200 pesos, emission is limited and will go on sale to the general public-in a special-case design through distributors available to the Banxico Mexico.

He noted that the minting of this coin commemorative was ordered by decree of the Congress of the United Mexican States, which was released by President Felipe Calderon on June 14, 2011.

In a statement, explained that the currency “Bicentennial” is circular with a diameter of 90 millimeters, (3.543 inches dia )in the edge, has the words “Independence and Freedom”, and contains 1 kg of pure gold.

On the obverse, the coin is engraved at center, the national emblem embossed sculptural circled in upper semicircle marked “Mexico”.

Surrounding this and following the contour of the frame, the reproduction of different shields used throughout the history of Mexico, and the eagle is in the middle of the first page of Codex Mendoza said.

On the back, in the top field in a semicircle has the text, “Bicentennial”, under it, the number “1810” and below, the number “2010”, the center, in perspective, the figure of the Winged Victory of Column Independence.

In addition, in left field in a semicircle, the legend “37.5 g pure gold” in the bottom right field together the number “200” and the word “weight” with dot stepped in the exergue the mint of the Mint Mexico. The price of the coin will be about 19,500 pesos. (1500 dollars).

In order to join the celebrations commemorating the Bicentennial of Mexico’s Independence Movement, Banxico involved with different projects related to book publishing, exhibitions with historical themes focused on numismatics; banknotes and coins.

The central bank said that with the issuance of this coin “Bicentennial” of a kilogram of gold, the program concludes numismatic commemorative Bicentennial of National Independence Movement.

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 Note of the Blog Administrator: Who the fuck of the general public will buy that currency if we just have to buy eggs?  These Banxico guys live in another world, or they are talking about another country.





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