27 Sep

The National Association of cattle Raisers and Milkmen (Anglac) of Mexico, announced that in the next months, the price of the liter of milk will register an increment of until 4% in a gradual way.

The Anglac through its representative assured that the increment will be “reasonable” and goes in line with the goal of inflation presented by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), that located in 3%.

It is not a price that move, but alone an adjustment and the increase will depend on each business and how develops the international market, but this will not be violent explained the representative.

 Good that already it is a consolation, they left it to go, but will be little by little.  Is a decision painful, but necessary.

According to the executive, at present the price of the liter of milk in Mexico is offered to the consumer between 12 and 12,50 pesos, and the rise –added– would be able to be given in the event that rise the product originating from the foreigner, taking into account that the country imports 35% of the milk one.

Of October of last year to this day, the increment of the milk to the consumer has been of 1.6%, that is to say 20 cents by liter, and of 3,6% in two years, for which if an increment is given the last three months of this year or the first quarter of 2013 would not vary the tendency according to the Anglac, in Mexico 10 thousand 700 million liters of milk are produced Annual, of the 21 thousand they recommended by the Organization of the Nations Unit for the Diet and the Agriculture (FAO).

 Figures of the International Dairy Federation indicate that in our country are consumed 41 liters of milk flowed per cápita per year, while in nations as Finland the consumption is of 184 annual liters.

With the increment in the price of the milk another blow to the pockets of the Mexicans will be given, which already suffer the rise in the price of the egg, that passed from 18 pesos by kilogram at more than 30 pesos.

Besides the egg, the price has raised itself in other food as the bread, the beef and the chicken, as well as in the energy, like the gas LP and the gasolines, that have a monthly slip.

 The increments in food and energy was reflected already in the inflation, therefore this shot itself in the last two months and middle at more than 4%, far from the proposed goal by Banxico.

 In July passed, the inflation was placed to an annual rate of 4.42%, in August was located in 4,57% and in the first two-week period of September in 4.76%, the level but highly of the last three years.

  This place no longer is México, is a place of denationalized.  Without history, without own customs, without future, without hope. Its own politician are destroying it.



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