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24 Jul


The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, said Wednesday that Venezuela sent a contingent of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, a victim of the bombing of the State of Israel for a month, which has caused more than 600 deaths ago.

“We decided to put together a contingent of solidarity to Gaza, medicines and food,  of love and solidarity” expressed the president during a press conference with national and international media at Miraflores Palace.

Also invited the people of Venezuela to which a large contingent armemos soon and make deliveries around the support. Let’s get active with all our love and gesture of solidarity.”

Maduro also referred to the decision issued today by the Human Rights of the Organization of Nations (UN) Unit, which strongly condemns the military attack by Israel against the Gaza Strip from holding on 13 June and urges the cessation of conflict.

He said the resolution was passed with 29 votes in favor, 17 abstentions and one vote against, issued by the U.S. government.

He cited some contentivos points in the resolution, which will qualify to the State of Israel as an occupying power and urged him to “end its prolonged occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, in accordance with international law and the relevant resolutions of the United Nations. “

“Those who run the state of Israel feel entitled to order the killing of an entire people and leaders in the world,” said the head of state.

President Maduro added that “the Government of Israel has turned the Gaza Strip into a big concentration camp. God have to put your hand in it and there must be justice for the crimes committed against the people of Palestine.”

Emphatically make a call to “keep doing force in the world for the right to peace, human rights and an end to violence.”

Up to 655 killed Wednesday have caused the bombings, mostly civilians, including children, women and elderly. Meanwhile, over 4,000 injured.

Israel tightened the siege on Gaza in 2006 and a year later imposed a tight blockade on the area, to prevent the passage of humanitarian aid, commercial goods and persons to Palestine.

The U.S. government maintains support for Israel and is one of the nations that do not accept the status it gave UN Palestine as a state observer in the global instance.



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